Blog week 9

Stepping away from security for a bit, I want to bring into light a new robot being developed. When we think of a robot we think of the human shaped, or little circular machines that can drive around on the floor. Today, robots have advanced in ways unimaginable. for instance, the link below is to a robot that is modeled after an octopus. a company has actually designed a robot that has “tenticle” like arms allowing it to walk and swim like an octopus. its pretty mind blowing.

Now, just to throw this in, robots have been created to function with house appliances and phones. The one im referencing is called buddy, which is unique as it has a security protocol in it that is built to monitor your house like a standard home security system. With another system (especially one like this) security is even more important. Since this device can connect to all electronic devices, a hacker would only need to connect to that device to have control over all of your electronic devices.


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