Blog week 8

Hacking isnt defined by someone sitting behind a computer and typing code. hacking is when someone takes your information without your knowledge. as an employee, you should keep this in mind when viewing sensitive information. With so many different forms of devices used in todays world, it is extremely easy for someone to just glance at your device and see what is on it. For example, if you are a nurse at a hospital you owuld be carrying a tablet that’d contain information about a patient. without your knowledge someone could have looked over your shoulder and seen that health data. In the wrong hands information like that is very valuable as it could be used for identity theft, ransomware, etc. Employees should be trained how to use a device correctly in that regard and companies should be required to have privacy filters installed on every monitor. (a privacy filter is like a screen protector for a smart phone except it limits the angle at which the screen can be read).

What is Visual Privacy and How to Avoid Visual Hacking


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