Blog week 7

With all this talk about information security, its best to see some of the issues in real world problems. For instance, cars today are becoming ever so technologically advanced and truth be told they weren’t meant to be. Todays smart car can produce a hotspot, send and receive messages, control navigation, even drive themselves. However in this, lies a major problem. it opens up another device that a hacker can gain access to like a smartphone or computer. In the article linked below, 2 researchers showed that by hacking into the system of certain cars they were able to take control of all the above functions from any location. On a bmw they were even able to unlock the doors. Now luckily, this was only done by researchers however its only a matter of time before real hackers take advantage of this and possibly use the information as ransomware.  At this point in time users can only update there systems in hopes to defend against possible threats however most companies have not released updates since the release of this software which is very dangerous.


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