Blog week 4

If you have been following my blog posts, you will know i have talked alot about data privacy and security, and ways that it can be exploited or done correctly. The general way for this is to have firewalls or passwords set in place. Now, who is going to set all of this up? Who will continue to manage these applications? Most companies hire an IT professional to do so. But whats to say that IT personal wont distribute all of the confidential data they see? As the article “Ethical Issues for IT security professionals” asks, “What if your perusal of random documents reveals company trade secrets? What if you later leave the company and go to work for a competitor? Is it wrong to use that knowledge in your new job? Would it be “more wrong” if you printed out those documents and took them with you, than if you just relied on your memory?” (paragraph 11). As we discussed in class, and as the article states, it comes down to each scenario. A general rule of thumb however is that as long as it was not intentional, and the act had been reported immediately, its usually OK. Luckily we also have developed laws like the Sarbanes-Oxley and Accountability Act to help address this.


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